Alice in Wonderland Party

A few weekends ago, on a beautiful sunny weekend at the beginning of July, one of my closest family friends celebrated her 18th Birthday. She’s practically a sister to me, it was very special and such fun helping to create, with her, one of the best parties I’ve ever been to.


Georgia and co put loads of effort into creating an incredible garden party all themed around Alice in Wonderland. Through the house was through the keyhole; a hallway full of old antique clocks, a drink me potion before out into the garden revealed the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, painting the roses red, bread butterflies in the hedgerows, the caterpillars’s smoking den, the rabbit hole jumping ground, croquet, and even a pool full of tears.


Wills as the White Rabbit.


Ben as the Ace of Spades.


Delicious cakes everywhere!


My mother, the Queen of Hearts.


An amazing cupcake bouquet!


The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party


What a fab party!

Happy 18th Birthday Georgia! x

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