Restoring a Hermes Typewriter (Guide)

I was supposed to do this project almost a year ago and shamefully I never got round to doing it. But, I have now! It was my grandma’s well-used typewriter when she was a clerk assistant. When she died many years ago, I was given her typewriter as a budding writer. It’s been well-loved and cherished since then. My parent’s agreed that cleaning and restoring it from its older days would be a great way to give the typewriter a new lease of life in the twenty first century. Even more so, it’ll soon be connected to my iPad so it can be the coolest iPad stand and keyboard around (thanks to Ben’s technical skills!).

The Guide

  • I dissembled the green Hermes Baby and cleaned it using a damp cloth and soapy water.


  • I seperated out all the parts that needed spray painting
  • Remember to cover silverware and other parts you don’t want painted with masking tape!



  • Choose your colour and spray evenly

Tip: hold the can about a 6 inches away from object.

  • I used White Matt spray paint from a DIY store and used 2x 400ml cans, (although that’s probably more than enough, it was my first attempt and I probably got a little too excited.)


  • Whilst the first coat is drying for 1-2 hours, I cleaned the keys up with a damp cloth.


  • Apply another coat of paint and leave for another 1-2 hours.




  • After leaving the second coat to dry, it’s time to put it all back together again!




  • It really helps to know how to put it back together again.

Tip: Don’t lose any screws or loose ends whilst you’re spray painting elsewhere.


  • Hoorah! I now have a reconditioned Hemes Baby Typewriter in white and green. It looks so much more fresh, almost like new.


Just for a picture reference, this is what it’ll look like when the USB converter magic has been finished and my iPad will sit where the paper feed is and *hopefully* it’ll type onto the iPad from the typewriter keys. I’ll keep you posted.


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