Disneyland Paris

For our first year wedding anniversary, we drove to Disneyland Paris for the bank holiday weekend. We arrived at our hotel very late on the Friday night and hit the parks Saturday and Sunday. It was a fabulous way to spend our anniversary and certainly made for a very special weekend to remember. The Parisian overcast skies even cleared up something beautiful on the Sunday. Thank you to everyone for all our kind wishes on our anniversary.

As you can probably imagine, there was far too much to capture and yet we still collected over 400gb of GoPro footage and over 900 photos. I’ve cut it down for you.

Enjoy the magic of Disneyland!


IMG_6022 IMG_6040

IMG_6018 IMG_6017 IMG_6005 IMG_5986 IMG_5984 IMG_5723 IMG_5714


IMG_6019 IMG_5563 IMG_5560

IMG_5583 IMG_5577

IMG_5670 IMG_5668 IMG_5665 IMG_5657 IMG_5655 IMG_5654 IMG_5644 IMG_5636 IMG_5629 IMG_5615


IMG_5904 IMG_5906 IMG_5840 IMG_5823 IMG_5789 IMG_5784 IMG_5762 IMG_5747 IMG_5739

IMG_5952 IMG_5947 IMG_5931 IMG_5976 IMG_5961 IMG_5930

IMG_6084 IMG_6104 IMG_6103 IMG_6099 IMG_6090

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