To get out of the East Midlands on the first day of the school holidays was delightful. We loved Oxford and would highly recommend the Footprints Walking Tour to get your bearings and history up to scratch before hitting the bookshops and coffeeshops.

Sheldon Theatre


The bizarre heads of the Roman emperors (outside Museum of the History of Science)


IMG_6536 Blackwell Bookshop

IMG_6535 Bridge of Sighs (Hertford Bridge)

IMG_6627  IMG_6635 The Bodleian Library

IMG_6638  IMG_6649  IMG_6626Einstein’s workings from a lecture in 1931

IMG_6617 Inside Blackwell’s Bookshop – the Norrington room contains over 3 miles of bookshelves.

IMG_6607  IMG_6602 The Covered Market

IMG_6588  IMG_6594 All Souls College

IMG_6597Inspector Morse’s car (or a lookalike)
IMG_6600  IMG_6587  IMG_6582 The Oldest pub in Oxford

IMG_6575  IMG_6574 Trinity College

IMG_6533  IMG_6534  IMG_6546  IMG_6573

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