Introducing Gatsby

Meet the newest member of the Poucher Family.

It’s a bit bonkers really but, yes, we have a chameleon. We’ve named him Gatsby, as in The Great Gatsby from the novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I’ve always wanted pets with literary references for names. Gatsby is a senegal chameleon and we think he is about 8 months old. We bought him from a reputable pet and reptile shop in Lincoln.

We started to research pet care after I held a chameleon for the first time somewhere in Castleford. The little thing was so fascinating and friendly.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Kenny the veiled chameleon in Castleford

After months of deliberation and consideration, we finally decided to take the risk and buy our own chameleon. The most common chameleon breeds for pets are veiled or yemen chameleons. However, we came across Gatsby in the pet shop and thought he was cuter. Senegal chameleons are green-brown in colour and tend to be smaller in size and also have a lower basking temperature.

We picked him up in the first weekend in December and he’s already brought lots of joy and interest amongst friends and family in the short three weeks he’s been with us. From the very first days, he was eating, drinking and sleeping very well. We’ve been like doting parents ever since we got him so if you ever ask, you’ll get lots of proud pictures and stories about the little man.

Gatsby’s vivarium
Checking out his new place




Sitting on his fallen leaves
Gatsby tapping the glass
Out to play with Ben
Trying out a new plant
Hanging about
Tail all curled up

I’ll leave you with this photo of Gatsby sleeping. He sleeps right through for 12 hours every night.


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