In Bruges, but not that film.

After a full weekend travelling to The Netherlands to visit Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Efteling theme park for New Year, we eventually had to make our trip back home to the UK.

At midday, we started our drive from our hotel in Rotterdam and, since we weren’t booked on the Euro Tunnel till after 9pm and, since we had to drive through Belgium on our route back we thought it would be so rude not to stop off for an afternoon.










We parked up and took a quiet stroll into the centre of Bruges. From the outskirts, it only takes about 20-25 minutes to walk in, although longer if you’re like me and want to stop to take photos.













Along the way into the centre, you’ll pass all the main scenic sites such as the cobbled streets, the beautiful canal and impressive buildings of museums, chocolate shops, art galleries, as well as the Cathedral and other gothic facades. There is also the Basilica of the Holy Blood that claims to hold a cloth with the blood of Christ on it (pictured above).








As we reached the plaza we had a look around the lovely Christmas market and found a tasty pizzeria to fill our stomachs. And of course, we couldn’t come all this way and not buy some proper Belgian chocolate and to over-indulge on some truly Belgian waffles!

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