Huxley’s Photoshoot

It has taken some time to be able to share a photoblog of Huxley, our new pet chameleon. After we lost our Senegal chameleon, Gatsby, (you may remember him from previous appearances on the photoblog here), we knew we would have to get another chameleon in the near future.

Fast forward, and in September 2016 we bought a Veiled chameleon and called him Huxley. Unlike Gatsby, who was about 8 months old and tamed, we bought Huxley when he was only about eight weeks old so he was a very scared little baby chameleon. So it’s taken patience and care to tame him and get Huxley to a point where he will play on the plant outside his vivarium and let us hold him. So here is Huxley, he’s now about 1 year old.





















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