Gothenburg, Sweden

As some of you will know, we set ourselves a challenge to try and spend New Year in a different place for as long as we can. So far we have ventured from Loughborough (2014-15) and Aberystwyth (2015-16) to further afield with Amsterdam (2016-17) and this year, Gothenburg (17-18).

We often choose our destinations by finding a theme park that we can cross off the bucket list for Ben, who has his own personal challenge of riding as many different rollercoasters as he can. Hence, the first full day in Gothenburg was dedicated to the last day of the Winter season for Liseberg theme park.








On New Year’s Day we ventured around Universeum (a science museum with a tropical zoo rainforest) which was pretty impressive piece of architecture for a seven-floor rainforest, aquarium and museum. Sadly, I have few pictures as the tropical heats in the rainforest were too humid for my camera. But I did meet a sloth for the first time; I even had to wait for it to wake up from its nap.


Our final day in Gothenburg was an eventful one but it was the best weather we’d had all week so we made the most of it. We travelled by tram and ferry to one of the many archipelago islands. We chose Brännö which was a short ferry trip away and had some beautiful views. There is not much to do on the islands, especially in Winter, but it’s a quirky and lovely island to see.






















This view was from the top of Skansen Kronan hill, a 17th century fort on top of a hill which boasts some of the best landscapes of Gothenburg city. It’s also situated in the Haga district which is a popular and trendy stretch of cobbled streets to explore. It’s here you will also find the infamous giant cinnamon buns from Café Husare.



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