Longleat House and Safari

What a great day! I would highly recommend this for value – we got a discounted price of £28 each (20% off through Picniq) and can honestly say it was well worth the money.  We worked our way through the attractions from 10am until about 5pm and still didn’t have time to do the maze – but that may have been because we took a long time watching otters wind up a binturong (a cute little cat-type-bear from Asia) and watching Ben get deafened by lorikeets. The zoo itself is really impressive with lots of ‘up-close-and-personal’ opportunities with the animals; the parrot show is fun and the safari is worth seeing but definitely not the only appeal considering everything else. I didn’t even mention the little railway trains and the boat ride!

We drove down the night before and stayed at a hotel about 30 miles away from the Longleat estate. We then hit the road very early for a weekend to get to Longleat for 7am in hopeful anticipation of the early morning mass launch of #SkySafari (Longleat’s hot air balloon event with over 160 international pilots). Sadly, the winds were too high but we spent a couple of hours sat in the coffee shop reading instead before hitting Longleat’s many attractions from 10am.

Thankfully, we got to see the evening mass launch later on and I took plenty of photos which you can see in my next photoblog.


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