Sky Safari at Longleat

As I mentioned in my previous photoblog, we spent yesterday at Longleat House and safari park. We had a lot of fun; highlights include being mobbed by lorikeets, watching a parrot ride a scooter and having our car aerial attacked by monkeys in the safari park.

But one of the main reasons we travelled 170 miles for a 12 hour day trip was for #SkySafari (especially since we were unable to make it to Bristol Balloon Fiesta in August for our third year running). Sky Safari is Longleat’s very own hot air balloon festival where they were attempting to break a UK record with over 160 balloons in the air.

Sadly, when we arrived silly-early at 7am (a wake up call of 5.45am! on a weekend) we were told the winds were too high and the balloons would only be tethered for the morning. Undeterred, with a fun day at Longleat ahead, we were lucky to see the delayed evening launch before we drove home; over a dozen hot air balloons ascended due to risky conditions but it was great to see them hit the skies nevertheless.



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