California Top 10 Highlights

10. San Francisco BBQ – 4505 Meats

For a local best kept secret, for great BBQ meats and for California cider (Golden State).

9. Smokehouse Restaurant

For tasty steaks and meats, for great service, for more Hollywood history and for me, being closer to living in the sets of La La Land.

8. Knott’s Berry Farm (Ghost Rider Wooden Rollercoaster)

For a family-style theme park with loads of thrills, for sampling some tasty new foods, for one of the best wooden rollercoasters – Ghost Rider!

7. Warner Brothers Studio Tour

For seeing behind the scenes of a working studio, for lots of recent props and costumes, for realising just how many great films and shows are made right here!

6. Grand Canyon at Sunset

For the beautiful shadows and colours, for taking time to just stop and breathe it all in, especially when you’re sat next to your favourite person.

5. Santa Monica Boardwalk

For the views of California beaches from the top of the Ferris wheel, for the busy people watching, for the sunset!

4. Historic Cars of San Francisco

For feeling the wind in your hair, for getting up those big hills and back down them, and for seeing the Cable Car museum which shows the massive cables that drive them all.

3. Disneyland

For the special place it is, for it’s parade and shows, for the rides, for Cars Land, for Mickey Mouse, for the gift shops!

2. Driving Highway 1

For Bixby creek bridge, for McWay Falls, it’s winding long roads with utterly beautiful beach views, and for Santa Monica pier at the end of it!

1. Griffith Observatory

For it’s beautiful building, it’s incredible planetarium show and it’s great views of Los Angeles and Hollywood sign.

Thank you California (and Arizona!)

We loved exploring!

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