“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” — Helen Keller


[ About us ]

We are both originally from Lincolnshire (where we both met as teenagers) and we now live, married, in a modern three storey townhouse in a small town in Nottinghamshire. Kelly is an English teacher and writer and Ben is a lighting and events engineer.

We both love to travel and experience new places. When we married in 2014, we set an adventurous challenge; to spend every New Year in a different town or city — so far we have journeyed to Loughborough, Aberystwyth, Amsterdam, Gothenburg and Cologne with many more plans afoot.

We have a particular passion for rollercoasters and theme parks, as well as city breaks, so this often influences our choice of travel and you might notice a few of my favourite things (bright colours, food and hot air balloons).

Enjoy the photoblog!

“Oh, the places you’ll go!” Dr Seuss 

Love KP x

KP’n Up Appearances.

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